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Sponsors: SSHRC and Ryerson Journalism Research Centre  


We recently ran a 30-day crowdfunding campaign through the month of July. Thanks to our amazing backers we were able to raise $7,204 which will help get us closer to completing the project. This money will go directly towards paying an editor and a highly regarded story editor. We would like to say a gigantic, and most sincere thank you to everyone who supported the project by either donating or spreading the word to family and friends. Any and all support counts and it is so very appreciated, thanks to your help we are one step closer to the finish line. 
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Currently we are half way through production and have raised $50,000 from grants and donations including a $7,000 boost from the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre. We have shot 29 days over the course of a year with four different journalists, and almost all the money has been spent on paying the crew and the cost of traveling to shoots. 

Our total budget for this feature film is $75,000. That’s as low-budget as it gets! My crew care enough about the story — and the future of journalism — to take a day rate that’s one quarter of the industry standard.

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Platinum Sponsors and Sponsors include: 

Ryerson Journalism Research Centre

Ivor Shapiro, SSHRC Insight Grant Recipient. 

Aporia Media Inc.