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A healthcare scheme designed to harm. Fat cats getting fatter. 5 women abused, neglected, shattered. Finding their voice as they turn fear into fight, shame into courage.

Dear Australia...

Anyone of us could be injured at work so this conversation is about YOU. We believe that it's time to address the stigma surrounding injury at work and the need for help to recover. Workers' compensation should be a safety net for employees, but at present, it often does more harm than good.  Let's deal with this stigma and end it. Inclusion marks passage into civilisation. Withholding  inclusion safety for the injured  is a sign we're engaged in a fight with our own wilful blindness. That's what drives gender inequity,  bias, prejudice and discrimination.  We know the importance of prevention, so let's not forget those who have indeed been harmed. Join us to stop that hurt.

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on your connection to the story and your place in the collective harm

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